Helmed by director Marina McClure, the New Wild is a multidisciplinary art lab that brings together designers, performers, technologists, and artists to create new and compelling work in a rigorously collaborative environment. It is an engine for telling visceral and visual stories that examine cultural memory, patterns woven throughout history, and the ways those patterns manifest on the mind and body.


Johnny Walsh & Gramophonic, Qais Essar, John Bair, Emma Stanton, Olivia Gilliatt, Emily Xu Gardner Hall, Emma Zakes Green, Brian Bock, Joshua David Robinson, Drew Foster, Nick Benacerraf, Keith Skretch, Kate Fry, Alice Tavener, Mary Hamrick, Reza Behjat, David Gibson, Melis Aker, Ahmad Maksoud, Pomme Koch, Kalean Ung, Amanda Lee, Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh