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Marina McClure, director, photographer

Melis Aker, actor, singer; Waseem Alzer, actor, singer; Aya Aziz, actor, singer, songwriter; John Bair, writer; Jessica Batke, journalist, songwriter, music director; Reza Behjat, lighting designer; Nic Benacerraf, scenic designer, academic, activist; Beryl Brachman, costume designer; Qais Essar, composer, musician; Drew Foster, designer; Kate Fry, costume designer; David Gibson, sound designer; Olivia Gilliatt, actor, writer, producer; Neal Gupta, actor, singer; Emily Xu Gardner Hall, actor, composer, writer; Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh, video designer, photographer; Mark Kanieff, scenic designer, sculptor; Ahmad Maksoud, actor, singer; Lisa Ross, photographer, videographer, activist; Emma Stanton, writer; Chinary Ung, composer; Kalean Ung, actor, writer; Christopher Wall, writer; Johnny Walsh, composer, musician, lyricist, diplomat


innovative live performace

Helmed by director Marina McClure, the New Wild is a multidisciplinary art lab that brings together designers, performers, technologists, and artists to create large-scale theater, opera, and spectacles. We tell visceral and visual stories that examine cultural memory, patterns woven throughout history, and the ways those patterns manifest on the mind and body. 


Everybody is Gone
a large-scale, interactive art installation

Letters from Home
a multimedia solo show

Tear a Root from the Earth
a new musical exploring the legacy of foreign intervention in Afghanistan

The God of In-Between
a folk-rock musical with foley 



Creative Capital
On Our Radar”, 2019

BRIC Arts Media
Artist-in-Residence, 2018

The Puffin Foundation
Project Grant, 2018

Festival Performance, 2018

The Kennedy Center
Millennium Stage, 2017

The New Ohio
Ice Factory, 2017

Travel Grant, 2016

VoxFest at Dartmouth College
Residencies, 2015, 2016, 2019


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